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There may be no free lunch in life, but working with Powers Unlimited Franchising will never cost you anything, adds great value to your search, and will give you the information that you need to control your franchise search. Though there is no cost to our services, if we agree to work together all we ask in return is that you dedicate the necessary time it takes to make a successful match. We often hear the following questions about our services.

Q. Is it really free?

A. Yes, it’s free. We work with hundreds of Franchisors, Licensing and Business Opportunities and even existing businesses for sale. These businesses use our services to help find qualified and educated buyers. Just as employers pay “Head Hunters” or employee placements agencies for finding them the right candidates, these companies pay us directly for helping them find the right franchisees. While our services can be invaluable, you’ll never pay anything to us, or anything additional for taking advantage of our Free Consultation.

Q. Does using your services add cost to my start-up expenses?

A. No, never. The Franchisors, Licensing and Business Opportunities that we work with understand that when we introduce a client to them, they have been pre-qualified and educated about their offering. In short, they rely on our services to find qualified candidates who understand their business model and who have a strong understanding of their own skills in which to bring value as a franchise owner of their brand.

Q. What if I decide against buying a Franchise or a business? Am I obligated to keep working with you?

A. Of course not. If at any time, and for any reason, you realize that you aren’t ready to pursue your dream, simply tell us and we’ll wish you luck. Not everyone should own their own business and not everyone is right for franchising, so if either of us discovers that you may be better suited doing something else, the process can stop or simply be put on hold.

Q. Why can’t I simply contact the Franchises that I already know I like myself?

A. You can, but you may eventually find out (often after many hours of research and waiting for information) that the Franchises that you like may not be able to meet your goals. That is why receiving help from a trained professional can streamline your search. We have direct access to hundreds of opportunities that understand and appreciate that we help our clients become more educated about business ownership. In short, we can save you a lot of time and energy while getting you in front of the right people. Often, we connect our clients with just the right opportunity that they would have never thought of on their own.

Q. How long will the consultation take?

A. Typically this first call only takes about 15-minutes as a brief introduction and to determine if our services would be of value to you. If we mutually agree to move forward the next call will be scheduled for 45 minutes to one hour. In the 2nd call we will take a deep-dive into learning your likes and dislikes and allow us to get to know you and understand your goals to best serve you in your search for that “Just-Right” franchise opportunity.

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